NVC Facilities

The Facilities Department at the Northern Virginia Center is responsible for scheduling classrooms and events, classroom support, moving of furniture and equipment, classroom maintenance, and works with the building engineer.

How Do I?

To schedule a room for a class or event, please use the Room Request Form.

Before you reserve a room, please review  policies on the Schedule Space section.


To view the daily schedule of classes and events, click here.

In order to view the schedule website you must be on the network at the NVC or be connected to the VT VPN.

To request maintenance and/or cleaning services, please contact NVC Facilities at:

Phone: 703-538-8440
E-mail: facilities@vt.edu

Information on how to request building and office keys can be found in the Request Forms section.

Request for renovation can be directed to NVC Facilities:

Phone: 703-538-8440
E-mail: facilities@vt.edu

More information can be found in the Building Services section.