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Computer Science Department

Data Mining & Visualization Lab

Director: CT Lu, Ph.D.

The Data Mining and Visualization Lab conducts spatial and temporal database management and visualization research for scientific/engineering applications covering traffic, smart-grid, event detection and prediction, anomaly detection, pattern classification, geospatial, and real-time data stream applications.

Mobile Computing Lab

Director: Ing Ray Chen, Ph.D.

The Mobile Computing Lab studies design principles and evaluation methodologies for understanding and building systems support mechanisms for mobile computing systems including mobile ad hoc and sensor networks for achieving the goal of anytime, anywhere computing in wireless mobile environments. The primary research focuses of the Mobile Computing Lab are in mobility management, data and service management, security and dependability aspects in mobile computing environments.

Cyber Security Lab

Director: Wenjing Lou, Ph.D.

The mission of the new CNSR@VT lab is to conduct basic and applied research in a broad range of topics in networking, wireless, and cyber security. We explore novel concepts and ideas related to protocols and systems of the future pervasive cyber infrastructure, and design scalable architecture and trustworthy protocols for next-generation networks.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Smart Grid Resilience Lab

Director: Lamine Mili, Ph.D.

The mission of the lab is to conduct research in modeling and control of coupled large-scale nonlinear networked systems. Topics include the development of theories and methods for the resilient and sustainable synthesis/design of interdependent electric power and communications infrastructures; the design of emergent control schemes of distributed multi-agent systems; the application of Koopman mode analysis to nonlinear dynamical systems; and the application of robust statistics to signal processing, system identification, and state estimation.

Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

System Performance Lab

Director: Kostas Triantis, Ph.D.

The mission of the lab is to support (ISE) academic programs and project sponsors with ongoing research and professional services that advance understanding and knowledge of System Performance, and contribute to the enabling technology available for design, test, operation, and management, of high-performance, complex systems. The goal is to provide a quality of service to sponsors, students, and faculty that result in the contribution of knowledge formation, technology advancement, and economic development throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, and beyond.