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NVC Facilities

The Facilities department consists of two staff members, the Facilities Coordinator and Evening Facilities Coordinator who are committed to offering quality teaching facilities and associated services at Northern Virginia Center (NVC). We ensure that labs and classrooms are open, operational, equipped and provide an environment conducive to quality teaching and learning on a daily basis.

Services We Offer

  • Classroom Scheduling and Maintenance
  • Small Building Maintenance Task (Moving Equipment and Furniture, Hanging Pictures / Office Whiteboards / Bulitin Boards)
  • Work with the Building Engineer on larger tasks (General Maintenance, Renovations, Temperture)
  • Events setup
  • Distributes office and building keys
  • Parking validations and distribution of parking proximity cards

ADA Compliant

The Northern Virginia Center building is certified to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact the Facilities or Center Director with any specific concerns. For more information on ADA at Virginia Tech visit the website at

Jeanne Clery Act

2020 Jeanne Clery Act Report, The Annual Campus Security and Fire Safety Report for all Virginia tech campuses, dated September 2021, can be found at the following main campus website.

The VT/UVA Northern Virginia Center 2015 portion of the report is shown on pages 117-125 of that September report.

See the report in its entirety online or following the contact information at this VT Police Department website to obtain a copy of the 177 page full report which, just this year includes reports for the VT main campus and all the other VT campuses or to make further inquiries related to campus security and fire safety.

Contact Us

Phone: 703-538-8440

Northern Virginia Center
Rooms 403, 404
7054 Haycock Rd
Falls Church, VA 22043

Office Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 8:00pm