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Facilities Contacts

NVC Facilities Staff

NVC Facilities Department

Phone: 703-538-8440

Jason Huffman

Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 703-538-8375
Room 404

Wesley Coupard

Facilities Coordinator
Phone: 703-538-8346
Room 403

TLOS Staff

Jim Murphy

Distance Learning Specialist
Phone: 703-548-8497
Room 133A Library

Distance Learning Technician

Phone: 703-538-8389
Room 107

Guard Service

Guard service is on site during building hours and the guards are easily accessible via telephone or in person. The guard station is located on the second (main) floor of the building, between the front and side entrances of the center. The guards perform scheduled rounds of the building and of the grounds surrounding the center.

Phone numbers for the guards are posted below and to the bulletin boards located around the Center.

  • Cell Phone: 571-585-0006
  • Desk Phone: 703-237-3170

Emergency Contacts

In the event of a life-threatening emergencies - CALL 911 - immediately.

Non-Emergency Contacts

Police Non-emergency Contact
Fairfax County Non-Emergency number:

Weather Clouser Hotline

Weather phone line:
703-538-8325 by 6:30 am and 2:30 pm