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Responding to Emergencies

Emergency and Non-Emergency Contacts

In the event of a life-threatening emergencies - CALL 911 - immediately.
Center address: 7054 Haycock Rd. Falls Church, Virginia 22043 .

In the event that emergency personnel are contacted we ask that a follow-up be made immediately with security guards and/or VT Facilities 703-538-8440, NVC Rm. 403 and/or 404.

Police Non-emergency Contact
Fairfax County Non-Emergency number: 703-691-2131

Guard Service

Guard service is on site during building hours and the guards are easily accessible via telephone or in person. The guard station is located on the second (main) floor of the building, just inside the front enterance. The guards perform scheduled rounds of the building and of the grounds surrounding the the center.

Phone numbers for the guards are posted below and to the bulletin boards located around the Center.

  • Cell Phone: 571-585-0006
  • Desk Phone: 703-237-3170

Security Awareness Notice

The Northern Virginia Center is an open building, across from the West Falls Church Metro and and VT staff tries very hard to strike a balance between openness and security. Our primary concern is for the welfare of every person in the center. We can, at times, slowly become complacent and can forget that we work in a building that is publicly accessible and overlook the need to continuously secure our personal belongings and valuable assets.

  • Guard your belongings at all times.
  • Close and lock your office door when you leave it (even to go to the restroom)
  • Keep an eye out for any unusual activity.
  • Alert security if you see anyone who seems to appear out of place, or is roaming or appears to be canvassing areas of the Center.

Other Important Information

June 15, 2010

We will continue to follow the established guidelines when responding to medical emergencies at the Northern Virginia Center. Virginia Tech and the University of Virginia at the Northern Virginia Center follow the same guidelines. If contacted by an individual who is not a member of the Virginia Tech community, please notify the security officer on duty of the need for medical assistance (see item #6). These guidelines are written primarily in terms of assisting a student but are generally applicable for anyone needing medical attention.

  1. Be prepared. Invite students to confidentially inform their instructor if they have a medical condition that might need attention during class.
  2. Ask students to provide an ‘In Case of Emergency’ contact number (ICE); add this information to the class roster. Ask students if an ICE number is listed on his or her mobile phone.
  3. If a student shows signs of a medical condition during class, the instructor should recess the class.
  4. Ask the student how you can best assist him or her.
  5. If feasible, ask others in the class to assist; some students may be trained as first responders.
  6. If it becomes apparent that medical attention is necessary, the instructor shall notify a security officer of the emergency:
    1. the security officer’s desk is located on the 2nd floor by the main entrance
    2. the security officer’s cell phone number is 571-585-0006
  7. The security officer will call 911, report nature of emergency, location, and monitor the situation until the paramedics arrive.
  8. The security officer shall notify VT staff on duty.
  9. VT staff or the instructor shall call the ICE number provided by the student, if the student is unable to do so.
  10. The instructor may dismiss the students if the emergency causes lengthy disruption to class.
  11. VT staff person calls Facilities at 703-538-8440 to report incident.
  12. Facilities shall notify the VT Center Director.

Note: During an emergency situation, reasonable attempts will be made to notify the student’s ICE designee. However, VT staff cannot guarantee notification

Procedures to Follow in the Event of Elevator Failure

  • In the event of a malfunction of the elevator equipment, elevator cars may stop between floors, doors may not operate properly, and/or cabs may not level properly at landings. Do not attempt to pry open the elevator doors because this could result in serious injury.
  • All building occupants should promptly report any problems experienced with the elevator equipment to the building engineer or security guard.
  • Individuals stuck in an elevator should report the problem using the hands-free emergency communication system located in the call box below the call buttons. Ringing the bell in the elevator cab will also alert people in the building that there is a problem.
  • The telephone is programmed to automatically call Datawatch (24 hours a day) and in turn Camelot engineering personnel will be notified by Datawatch of the situation.
  • The elevator cab number, building address, and Camelot (management company's) telephone number are posted inside the telephone call box.
  • Person(s) trapped will be kept informed of the status of rescue efforts and be reassured that they are not in danger.
  • The building engineer or security guard will contact the elevator company to determine if there is a technician in the area who would be available to travel to the Center immediately. If the technician is not in the area or not able to come to the building right away, the Falls Church Fire Department will be called to handle the rescue.

The Virginia Tech Northern Virginia Center (VT/NVC) is open during the hours of Mon-Friday 7:00 AM - 10 PM, and Saturdays 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM, UNLESS there is an announcement made that the Center is, 1) closed, 2) on delayed opening, or 3) to be closed early. Otherwise, faculty, staff and students are expected to come to work or to attend classes as scheduled. Faculty should have this inclement weather information included in their syllabi for the information of the students. Delayed openings are based on a 9:00 AM start time.

  • University Status Website:
  • Weather phone line: 703-538-8325 updated by 6:30 am and 2:30 pm