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Frequently Asked Questions

Classroom and Scheduling Questions

To schedule a classroom, conference room, or event, please use the NVC Room Request Form.  In order to view the NVC room request website you must be on the wired or wireless network at the NVC or be connected to the Virginia Tech VPN.

To schedule a distance learning classroom run by TLOS, please use the TLOS Room Request Form.

Before you reserve a room, please review  the Scheduling & Room Reservation Policies in the official policies section.

Information reguarding classrooms, conference rooms, TLOS classrooms, and common areas can be found on the Classroom and Amenities page.

To view the daily schedule of classes and events, click here.

In order to view the schedule website you must be on the wired or wireless network at the NVC or be connected to the Virginia Tech VPN.

During normal operating hours, classroom support can be reached at the phone numbers below.

Classroom and Conference Room Support (Non-TLOS Rooms):
Classroom AV: 703-538-3786

TLOS Classroom Support:
NVC TLOS Support: 703-538-8389

Yes.  Training sessions on classroom equipment is offered online by Classroom AV.

Classroom equipment online training:

For one-on-one training, please call or e-mail Classroom AV to make an appointment.

Phone: 703-538-3786

Items that can be loaned out for temporary use:

  • P.A. System
  • Video Camcorder
  • Video Adapters for Laptops
  • Flipchart Stand and Pad
  • Lectern
  • Presentation Remote / Clicker

These items can be requested when reserving a room using the NVC Room Request Form.

No. The NVC facilities department operates Monday thru Friday between 8am to 8pm.

Guest attending events held at the NVC building should park in the lower parking lot as shown on the visitors parking webpage.   The daily parking rate in the lower parking lot is $3.00 Monday thru Friday and free on Saturday and Sundays.

Departments hosting events at the NVC building can purchase prepaid parking tickets for guest which can be purchased on the NVC parking webpage.

If you have further questions on parking, please contact NVC Facilities at or 703-538-8440.  

Classrooms and conference rooms at NVC can be reserved / booked by administrative and academic departments of Virginia Tech.  

Entities outside of Virginia Tech who want to reserve space at NVC for events need to contact Virginia Tech's Continuing and Professional Education (CPE) department.

Virginia Tech CPE department of the Greater Washington D.C. Area:

Patty Tatro
Phone: 571-858-3006

Larissa LaCour
Phone: 571-858-3044

Public spaces at NVC are normaly booked with classroom reservations, but can be reserved seperalty.  Please contact NVC Facilities for more information:

Phone: 703-538-8440

Building Services Questions

Please contact NVC Facilities at:
Phone: 703-538-8440

The proceedure on how to request a building and/or office key can be found here.

Request for renovation can be directed to NVC Facilities:

Phone: 703-538-8440

Renovation work must be approved by the NVC Space Committee chaired by the Center Director.

Department directors are the originators of requests for office space and office renovations at the Northern Virginia Center (NVC). Directors should request both by submitting a completed Space Request form to the office of the Center Director, VT/NVC, for consideration by the NVC Space Committee.

See NVC Office Space and Renovation Request section.

Most departments housed at the NVC have at least one to two hoteling offices for visitors and/or adjunct faculty.  If your department has offices in the NVC building, please contact them first.

NVC Department Contact Information
NVC Directory (PDF)

If your department is not located at NVC or you department doesn't have a hoteling office, please contact VT Facilities for space availability.

Phone: 703-538-8440