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Surplus Properity

Visit the VT website on surplusing equipment or other VT assets. A VT Surplus Property Report form must be thoroughly completed and each item, or lot of items, labeled. Contact Surplus Property Office at 540-231-5660 for specific answers to your questions otherwise visit the website at

Surplus Property personnel from the main campus in Blacksburg plan for quarterly collections, or pick ups, from the VT locations in the Northern Virginia areas. Planning for these pick ups is based solely on forms received for surplus items and departments should NOT expect items to be picked up for without having submitted the requested form. Department surplus items will need to remain in the departments until such time as Surplus staff can retrieve them. Facilities staff assists Blacksburg staff with coordinating on-site, NVC, surplus collections, the day of collection.

  • Departments are responsible for storing their surplus properity until it is picked up by surplus personnel. 
  • VT Facilities does have limited storage space for surplus properity.  Please contact us for availability.
  • Surplus personnel will not pick up an item unless a online surplus form has been submitted and the item is tagged with identifying information (i.e. Surplus form number, description, and/or VT Inventory tag.)
  • Surplus personnel only have limited space in their collection truck.  If the collection truck fills up, any remaining surplus properity will be picked up on the next scheduled pickup.