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TLOS rooms located on the Blacksburg campus and NVC building.

Classroom and Conference Room Information

Scheduling Semester Classes

Facilities staff at the Northern Virginia Center follows the official VT university calendar and online Timetable when scheduling semester classes at the NVC.

  • Classes are scheduled at 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM start times. Exceptions to this vary depending on scheduling availability after start of the fall, spring, and summer semesters.
  • Classes are not scheduled for Sundays, during breaks, faculty-staff holidays, or days when the building is closed.
  • For exam purposes, class end dates are extended (same room/day) one week.
  • The exam scheduled posted in the on-line timetable is not followed due to the scheduling conflicts that it causes to the other semester classes already scheduled.
  • Room requests for exams that are to be held at a different date and time should be made to Facilities for consideration using the on-line form in the Scheduling section of the facilities website.

Policies That Apply To All Reservations

  • Classrooms have a standard set up and inventory of furniture and equipment that must not be removed from the rooms. Rooms must be reset to their standard configuration at the end of the event/class.
  • All equipment needs to be requested at the time of planning of event to facilities. Last minute equipment requests may be honored by facilities if equipment is available.
  • Catering Guidelines
  • NVC Alcohol Policy
  • Event sponsors are responsible for the behavior of event attendees. Damages to property and equipment caused by event attendees will be the responsibility of the event sponsors
  • Please report any changes to or cancellation of your event to facilities as soon as they are known.
  • All space requests are subject to availability and are fulfilled on first come bases.
  • We ask for at least 48 hours notice for all requests, but will do our best to reply sooner.
  • Semester room request will be confirmed 2 weeks ahead of semester start.
  • We do not schedule rooms on Sundays or during times the building is closed.

Useful Information

Contact NVC Facilities

Phone: 703-538-8440