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Student Parking

Student parking is available in the lower parking lot of the Northern Virginia Center.  Vehicle parking is available in two different options, pay as you go or by purchasing a parking permit:

Option 1 - Parking Permit

Option 1 is to buy a semester or year C/G permit from Virginia Tech Parking and Transportation. (the C/G stands for Commuter/Graduate student). With this permit, you can get a proximity card that provides unlimited access to the NVC parking lot for one vehicle at a time. The price of this permit is based on the parking lots in Blacksburg, click here to check the current rate.  You must renew your proximity card by contacting NVC Facilites each time you purchase a new semester or annual parking pass.

  • Parking permits will also work on the Blacksburg campus, but are not accepted at the Arlington Research Center.  Please note that Proximity Cards will only work at the NVC parking lot.
  • Only semester or annual/yearly parking passes are accepted at the Northern Virginia Center.

How to obtain a NVC Proximity Card

  1. If you don't have a VT parking permit you can purchase on using the button above or by clicking here.
  2. If you already have a parking permit or you have received your temporary parking permit, Download this form: Proxycard Form.
  3. Fill out the form and sign it. Attach a picture of the permit, copy of the temporary pass or the email receipt and email 
  4. Once your proximity card is available, a member of NVC Facilities will contact you to arrange a pickup date and time.

Option 2 - Pay as you go

Option 2 is to pay as you go using the credit card machine as you exit the parking lot. The daily rate for the NVC parking lot is set by the price of parking at the Metro station, and is currently $3 per day (although note that if you enter and exit more than once per day, you will get charged each time you exit). The semester including exams is 16 weeks long, so if you attend class once per week, the cost is $48, etc.

VT NVC Parking - Pay in the Building

  • The Guards Station on the 2nd floor has a Square Pay and a parking validation machine.
  • The system is Credit Card only. Present your paper ticket and credit card to the security guard. Security guard will then process payment including a receipt if needed. When leaving the parking lot insert the validated ticket into the machine. The gate will raise allowing you to exit the parking lot.
  • Again the system is credit card only, guards cannot except cash.

Cost Breakdown of Options 1 and 2:

How many times you come to class each week
Cost of daily parking for the semester Cost of a semester-long permit: Fall 2022
One night per week $48 $185
Two nights per week $96 $185
Three nights per week $144 $185
Four nights per week $192 $185
Five nights per week $240 $185

The permit/proximity card (Option 1) offers greater convenience. You can enter and exit the lot more quickly without having to get a paper ticket or use a credit card each time you come to class. In addition if you purchase the year permit, it is valid through next August and cover parking through summer classes.

Bottom line: If you are planning to come to class four or more nights per week, the permit is the cheaper option. If you are planning to come to class three nights per week, it’s about even. If you are coming to class one or two nights per week, it’s cheaper to pay the daily rate.