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Prospective International Students

Applying to Virginia Tech

What to do once your accepted

Congratulations on being accepted to study at Virginia Tech in the Greater Washing D.C. area.   In addition to the items on the new student checklist, here are the steps to take after you receive acceptance to a Virginia Tech graduate program.

Life in the Greater Washington D.C. Area

  • Area Airports - Information about the region's 3 area airports, and how to travel from them to the Northern Virginia Center or other destination.
  • Housing - Resources to help you locate housing in the D.C. area.
  • Climate and Weather - Information about the weather and climate in the D.C. area.

Need Help? Have Any Questions?

The International Graduate Student Services (IGSS) office serves and supports Virginia Tech’s international community in the National Capital Region. The office is responsible for international graduate students and exchange students throughout the six Virginia Tech extended campuses in Northern Virginia.  

International Student Adviser

Jessica Mullins
Phone: 703-538-8326
Fax: 703-538-8320

International Scholar (J-1 Program) Support

Belinda Pauley
Phone: 540-231-6459