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Climate and Weather

Weather in the Washington, DC area is relatively mild compared to some other parts of the United States. This area has four distinct seasons (summer, fall, winter, and spring), so students should bring at least some clothing to be prepared for various types of weather. Seasonal clothing can also be purchased once you have arrived in the U.S.

Summer in the Washington, DC area is quite hot and humid. Summer months are June – August, and average temperatures in the summer range from about 18-35°C (65 to 95°F), with July usually being the hottest month. Most international students arrive in the late summer, when temperatures are still fairly hot, and the weather then can be somewhat uncomfortable. The fall (September – November) brings cooler temperatures and lower humidity. Average fall temperatures range from 5 to 26°C (40-80°F). Winter (December – February) can be quite cold and often includes snow and ice; average temperatures during this time range from -2 to 10°C (30-50°F). January is typically the coldest month of the year. Spring (March – May) in this area brings comfortable weather and blooming flowers. Temperatures in spring range between approximately 5 to 24°C (40-75°F).